Our Story

We believe the future of healthcare must enlist prevention before palliation. Our mission is to advance health and wellbeing with natural products of paramount quality. Products with proven efficacy, unwavering safety, and batch to batch reliability.

Our Process

In our pursuit of perfection, it became apparent the highest order of quality could only be achieved by maintaining complete process control: from ingredient cultivation to end product.

Supreme Chain Of Custody

Clean Cultivation

When choosing suppliers, we take careful consideration in choosing partners of integrity. With pristine hardwoods and uncontaminated nutrients, we are able to cultivate USDA certified organic mushrooms of the highest caliber.

Enhanced Bioactivity

Premium mushrooms in hand, our next step is to ensure optimal efficacy. In order to break down the tough mushroom cell walls, a dual extraction is deployed to render a full spectrum of active constituents bioavailable.

Standardized Efficacy

The extract is then fingerprint formulated and encapsulated to ensure consistent batch to batch bioactivity.


Grade A low heavy metals verified:

Standards set by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab
Adherence to safe microbial limits set by USP 31 <2023>

Meet The Team


Culture Of Excellence

By incorporating the wisdom of traditional herbalism alongside the tools of modern science and quality management systems, we are working towards a healthier tomorrow, beginning with a healthier today.

  1. Qiaosong George Zheng CEO / co-founder

    Argonaut, learner, problem-solver

    Motivated to be the change he wish's to see: George is committed to bringing our world into a healthier and more sustainable reality.

  2. Scott Valpey VP of Finance / co-founder

    Trusted Advisor

    Motivated by people, Scott measures his personal success through the impact he has on his community. Scott endeavors to apply decades of international business acumen to building a long lasting brand at the intersection of healthcare and agriculture.

  3. Christopher K. Carter Executive VP / co-founder

    Principled, earnest, ardent

    Motivated to do well by doing good, Chris is striving to generate value from the unknown, and underutilized.

  4. Xinmin Zheng, M.D. Ph.D Scientific Advisor / co-founder

    Scientist, diligent, learner

    Motivated to understand and reveal the bioactivity and mechanisms of traditional herbal medicine. Xinmin endeavors to apply natural product moieities towards the targeting of certain cancers.

  5. Luke Luft Production Manager

    Observant, inquisitive, sedulous

    Motivated to build awareness of mushrooms and their untapped nutritional and medicinal benefits. Luke endeavors to produce products that enhance the intrinsic capability of the body to heal itself.

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